I restarted 20 minutes later and discovered the problem remained.

Lurkums, Oct 27, 2019 3:42 PM in response to scottfg, Oct 28, 2019 1:46 AM in response to scottfg, Oct 27, 2019 5:32 PM in response to Lurkums, Oct 27, 2019 5:40 PM in response to Lurkums, User profile for user:

Evidently my 40 years of brand loyalty means nothing to you.

I've had issues installing Norton 360 where it fails to install. 6.

User profile for user: Thanks, Can you please update Norton Security to 8.5.2 latest version by running LiveUpdates and let us know the current issue status?

I am having the same problem with my 2018 MacBook Pro: if I reboot, it takes a couple of minutes, then the fans race for a second, and immediately reboots. Question: --- IF the uninstaller uninstall the Norton product successfully then happy days, download a fresh copy of your Norton product and install it as normal. Reg: 11 …

I would like to request you to try this update, and let us know how this goes. can't bother with support after having read the other comments. Once completed, login as per your normal user account.

This circumstance is very frustrating and unacceptable. , Dec 11, 2019 3:27 PM in response to scottfg If you are backup up a large Photos library it will do most of that, too, since Catalina upgraded Photos. So far, so good. Q: Has this new version of Norton (8.5.2) proofed to have resolved this issue? I believe all my problems are with Norton Safe Web Plus, without which my password manager no longer works.

Four times they have tried to uninstall NSW+ to reinstall it and every time it causes the computer to restart "because of a problem". Unfortunately a 6 GB back up takes hours and even with a 4 TB backup drive, it is constantly doing a cleanup which also takes hours so I am only getting a real back-up every couple of days.

Interestingly, my install of Norton 360 on the MacBook Air running Catalina haven't caused me any problems. What one would like to hear is that Norton understands what is causing the incompatibility with Catalina OS and has figured out a permanent fix. p.s. I'm going with Bit Defender.

Best of luck everyone, hope you find a solution that works for you or Norton gets their act together before something unrecoverable happens to your computer.

I kept getting the message that expected wait was 0 hours, 1 minute and would I be interested in LifeLock) the customer support rep told me that they (Norton) hadn't heard of the restart issue. Try to follow Option 1 above from this point forward. Terminal will show a KEY icon, enter your admin password (whilst typing you wouldn't be able to see your password, so make sure to type it correctly) and then press ENTER, it will take few seconds to run lots of command and remove everything related to Norton or Symantec from your machine. Emptying the trash of a deleted TM backup will take a long time. I will try my best to help. As mentioned before, if Norton does not resolve this issue by the time my subscription expires (49 days remaining) I will be removing Norton on all my devices and will look for other Antivirus and Web protection options. Drop the extracted "RemoveSymantecMacFiles.command" in the Terminal, press ENTER. I tried several times to reinstall the program, every time the procedure asked me to give full access in security area (which I did) but it appears an error message that inform me that Norton has not completed the installation procedure.

No dice. After dealing with Apple for a week about this issue and after having to do a complete HD erasure and MacOS reinstall I discovered Norton was the restart culprit. It is not that Catalina couldn't back up to the Mojave Time Machine drives, it is my own policy to prevent it by using a new drive. I spent 6 hours working with customer support on this issue this morning. In numerous times I tried to uninstall Norton and came up with the same error after each Restart when I thought the installation  has been a success.

In response to VikingOSX, Interesting.

Just lucky I guess. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Norton 360. I have a 2-week old Macbook Pro running Catalina 10.15.1 and the restart issue started as soon as I moved everything from my 2013 MacBook pro to my new one. Now you can delete that TEST account, as you don't need that anymore.

It appears that sleeping my MacBook does something to  disrupt the Norton 360 installation. I've worked with PCs and Macs, installing and running audio and video recording software, for over 20 years. The VPN is also hit or miss on another machine running High Sierra. Hello all - just noticed that Norton 360 updated today, rebooted my Mac and all seems to be working well now.

I have a brand new Macbook Air and it does not work with Catalina after doing the update. This did not happen when I was on Mojave. Very disappointing. Hit that "Restart" key and login as per usual and hopefully, Norton 360 will run minus any errors. apologies but I can find no information. Thank you for the reply. As Apple moves towards SMB and away from AFP, we implemented support for Time Machine over SMB. I will be watching this post for at-least another couple of months, so if anyone gets stuck then just ask.

Activate Norton as "root" user.

The good news is that McAfee is running on both my Mac and iPhone no issues.

Hi Guys, I was having the same problem after upgrading to Catalina. I now have work 2.5 days with a computer that takes 4-5 minutes to start-up.

I very rarely had the spinning coloured wheel before but have it now and have to reboot my computer many times a day. After about 20 years using Norton products with total satisfaction I will now have to change my security software. I have installed and uninstalled half a dozen times and now they want me to install it again and copy the logs but I'm not comfortable installing it again I'm afraid one of these times it just won't boot back up.

(by doing this you will lose all of your installed Norton settings) Download, save, and extract on desktop the attached Norton uninstaller (provided by Norton 3rd line support), 3.

I had to uninstall Norton prior to procedure below: Enable a "root" user/administrator in your Login options in Systems Preference. Once booted up, Norton 360 cannot perform scans, just hangs at 0 files scanned. 8.

It demands a whole new, additional 2 TB of space - it's apparently trying to do a full backup instead of incremental and/or not deleting old backups like it is supposed to, so it's impossible to run since the exiting backup already takes up most of the allocated 2 TB on the external HD being used for Time Machine. Apple knows about the web problem. I am presently looking for alternatives to Norton/Symantec products for my household computers and plan to cancel my subscription if this situation isn't cleared up ASAP! Another solution would be to do a clean install with OS X 10.13 High Sierra. OPTION 2: If option 1 did not work then try this: 1.

Oct 27, 2019 5:32 PM in response to Lurkums There's always a way to make things work! Oct 28, 2019 10:59 AM in response to VikingOSX I have shared your feedback with concern team. Please try my procedure where you will be using the "System Administrator" or "Root" account which is a superuser above your current "admin" rights standard account. I tried it the same way as Maarij Huss mentioned. Restart (3x).

I spent the better part of 2.5 hours this afternoon with a Level II support agent, trying to figure out why my 2018 MacBook Pro crashes during reboots with Mac OS Catalina. This response is unacceptable!

However, there is a way around installing VUZE. kumozaru. I am using 3rd party VPN and Adblock. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please fix this, Norton.....otherwise more people will just uninstall Norton. Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | NortonLifeLock, Norton Password Manager | Norton Safe Web | Norton Safe Search, Norton Security | Norton Internet Security | Norton AntiVirus, Active subscritions, 3 out 3 Mac OS installed.

After updating to Catalina my Safari browser refused to load anything. It doesn't tell you, but to update Norton Safe Web Plus you have to uncheck the browser Norton extensions in it's preferences and quit NSW+ before installing the update and re-checking the extensions. Once done, everything should now be working as it should be. In response to scottfg.

He tried to take control to do an uninstall but chat room timed us out and we got disconnected.

Less, User profile for user: Norton Public Beta; Off-Topic Discussion; Not what you are looking for? So if you are still having issues ask to speak to this guy. 2 other MacBooks are running well as per normal. This will complete Norton 360 setup. None of the support agents I spoke to yesterday and today ever suggested there was a problem with Norton 360 and Catalina!!!

My issues are primarily around Spotify, internet connectivity, and whenever a blockage pops us and I click on it to see the history, Norton freezes. I was having the same problem after upgrading to Catalina. When I perform the last backup of Mojave, that Time Machine drive never allows Catalina to back up to it. Time Machine backups fail after Catalina upgrade. All Norton apps and extensions have already been uninstalled; erasing my data from the Norton cloud is the final step (to freedom, lol).


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