Press J to jump to the feed. Now, connect your handset to the computer using a USB cable > Allow your phone to transfer file mode (. In order to follow the mentioned steps, you will need to keep ready some of the required things at first. Step 3: As you can see, you need a PC to run through the process. Best RSS Feed News Reader Apps for Android and iPhone, How to Zip Any Video file on Windows 10 or Mac, How to Power Up Your Laptop After Your Charger Gets Lost or Damaged. After that, you can now open Google Play Store on your Huawei Matepad 5G and download any apps you want. Discuss all things related to Huawei's MatePad Pro tablet.

yes. How to Install Google Play Store on Huawei Matepad Pro Among all the issue people have had with the Huawei Matepad Pro 5G, the issue of google play store ( GMS ) not coming with the phone is tops all of them and as a result of that, we decided to provide you a way by which you can easily download and install GMS Huawei Matepad Pro. Step 4: Tap on the “Security” and then tap on “Enable Installation from Unknown Sources”. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it. The above method will help you to get Google Play Store on your Huawei Matepad pro and other Huawei or Honor Pad such as Honor Pad 6, X6, and even the Honor V6. Out of interest share the link to your other method you used. User account menu. Even if you’re not a tech geek, you can easily install and run all the necessary Google apps & services on your Huawei device. Step 6: After that, download the Google Play Store APK file from HERE. Apart from blogging, he is addictive to the gaming PC builds and smartphone leaks. Step 2: Open the Setting App. Step 6: Download Google Play Store from HERE. Spotify Premium Mod APK | Is Modded APK Safe To Download? Just install all the APK files (total 06) one by one on your device. Step 9: After installing all the three files, go to the app drawer and launch Google Play Store. Honor V6 google installer? Step 4: Tap on Security, then tap on “Enable Installation from Unknown Sources”. You will require a Windows PC/Laptop and a USB cable. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Step 4: Tap on Security, then tap on “ Enable Installation from Unknown Sources ”.

Just tap Ok to confirm. However, due to Android’s open-source nature, the end-users can easily perform tweaks to install Google apps on Huawei devices. Your device will be connected to the HiSuite tool on your PC. If you are one of those persons, relax for on this post, you will be able to download GMS installation files for Huawei Matepad 10.4. Step 3: Select “ Advanced Settings ”. Step 1: Go to the Huawei device app drawer. I got it to work but with occasional error msg, I didn't go into step 5 after like 6 hours because I didn't wanna break that thing since it's working for me. Step 13: That’s all. So, Huawei devices not coming with Google apps or mobile service pack preinstalled. Step 1: Go to the Huawei app drawer. I just bought that tablet a few days ago for my nephew hoping at least one of the GMS hacks would work but, like you said, none of them works. Step 2: Download the Lazy App and Google Apps from here. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The tablet also has the Pro version which is the bigger version of the later.

Step 8: Download Google Services Framework from HERE. Step 1: Download Huawei HiSuite on your PC. That's great! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In order to follow the mentioned steps, you will need to keep ready some of the required things at first.

Got the keyboard and pencil for free, gotta say that they work very well via bluetooth, connecting when u need them. How to Remove software leftovers on Windows?

Still hoping a working hack gets released soon. Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources from Huawei settings. For any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Enable and Set Up BitLocker Encryption on Windows 10, Best Tools to Recov­er Data From Hard Dri­ves and Mem­o­ry Cards, How to Clear Clipboard History in Windows 10, How To Wipe Cache Partition On Samsung Galaxy F41, How To Reset Network Settings On Samsung Galaxy F41, How to Setup and Run an Offline OCR Tool on Chromebook, How to Enable Data Saver Mode on Any Android TV. Step 5: Just tap the Red Button and accept the terms and give all the permissions. Good, the LZPLAY installation has been completed. Now in Hisuite, click Restore, in the opened dialog, click Edit icon and select the path in above step. Step 4: After that, you will have to install the Google Services Framework device.

Press Activate and ignore anything you see on the menu screen. Custom ROM | CyanogenMod | Android Apps | Firmware Update | MiUi | All Stock ROM | Lineage OS |, Updated on March 30, 2020 We assume that you’ve already installed the HiSuite tool and USB Driver on your PC. Step 5: Here you will need to download and install GSM installer HERE. Step 10: Here you will need to log in with your Google Account or your cab create one if you don’t have any. Step 6: Now select Allow HiSuite to use the HDB option.


Step 2: After running the app, tap Detect Device then Repair Now, and finally Activate. Install GMS on your MatePad Pro. During the US and China Trade War, the US Government banned Huawei trade and other US-based companies have pulled out the support and service with a notice period.

Tagged With: Google Apps, Google Mobile Service, Guide, Huawei, Huawei MatePad Pro. Managed to install Google services in 30 mins, speakers are great. Best Motherboards for the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, Best Power Supply Unit (PSU) For Nvidia RTX 3090, 3080, And 3070 GPU, Best 3D Mu6 Dummy Head Recording Earphone, 60Hz vs 144Hz vs 240Hz Monitors – Differences and Purchase Guide, Download Meizu Flyme OS 8 Live Wallpapers for Any Android Phone, How to Soft Reset, Factory Reset, or Force Restart Galaxy F41, How to Change Your Default Google Account on Android. You’ve successfully installed Google Play Store and Mobile Service on your Huawei MatePad Pro. Press J to jump to the feed. Step 5: You will see a notification “this type of file can harm your device”.

Step 8: As soon as it’s connected, you should see the HiSuite screen appear on your PC.

The only tutorial that worked for me. by Subodh Gupta.

Step 1: Download and install the app HERE. Install GMS installer.


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