Trigger Type It is unknown if this is a bug or intentional but is likely due to the fact that a pulse happens when you click the fire button and the weapon cannot be fired (aka the clip is empty), and since the weapon must fully regenerate before you can fire again there is a window where you can click again.

unless maybe it's some kind of AoE launcher thing, maybe on impact it covers a place with fire and that does damage over time, like Nightwatch Napalm, but without the Rocket? I "farmed" the anomaly and it didn't take many attempts to get all the Shedu parts.

Considering that the time frame is wonky (it's around the 3 hour mark but inconsistent) it's hell to even try to farm. Damage Falloff

The wiki says the Shedu parts are 1% drop chance, but the Codex says they're common. You will also need to farm the following parts: These parts can drop from Symbilysts that are found on the Sentient Ship in the Veil Proxima. These include Iron Skin, Parasitic Link, and certain Ephemeras. ---

Codex Scans I'm content with waiting and seeing once somebody has one to report on, but just looking at the stats has me worried. Primary Level Scaling

Due to the way the Shedu is attached to the Warframe model, certain visual effects on the Warframe will also cover the Shedu. I've tried starting missions and aborting them when the "Investigate Anomaly" message doesn't show up. When it's guarding with it's shield arm, glowing plates of energy will float in front of the arm, making it much harder to destroy. The Shedu is a Sentient Arm-Cannon that fires Heat beams that explode in a 6.6-meter radius on impact with Electricity damage and sports an ammo-less recharge capacitor. 363. Ferrite Armor The Symbilyst also receives another 40% resistance to the damage type at each adaptation, which stacks multiplicatively with the previously listed ones. All Reduction Update 27.0 For how much are people selling Shedu Rivens? Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor. WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Utility Ranged Unit

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The Shedu is a secret weapon that was added to Warframe in the Empyrean update. Then, you must also be playing Railjack. It has a 24 hour build time, which can be skipped for 35 Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency. The damage gating also prevents Symbilysts from being killed in one shot, as the maximum percentage of health removable in one instance is: For this reason it is highly recommended to use weapons with multishot to multiply the instances of damage dealt per shot like shotguns, weapons equipped with Split Chamber or Barrel Diffusion, or weapons with high fire rate.

2.5 rounds per sec Faction

While Air recon, broad eye and overview are labeled as 7.64% on the wiki, but are uncommon in the codex. Introduced


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