We always stick to the facts and try to act accordingly. I can access any supported backlevel host with an Activated client. The remote TeamViewer is running an old version which is out of date, This refused me to connect to the remote machine. This week, I can't connect to anything. [removed per Community Guidelines]. Goodbye TeamViewer, I followed your business policy from v3 to now, it went worse and worse. I completly agree with your comments.

I thought higher version TeamViewer has backward compatibility with the older versions? I then reinstall stop the services restart the services like advised and restart. Free version user here trying to connect on the same network from a MacPro to an iMac, both running the latest version of Mojave and Teamviewer (14.3.4730). This needs to be corrected immediately. The update instructions don't work for Quick Support, which doesn't have an update option in its help menu. The message is: "The remote TeamViewer is running an old version which is out of date. I don't even use Teamviewer anymore. After you have created the policy you can drag in your devices to the policy list, and the machines should self update to teamviewer 14 within next 7 days. please explain @BenHub. Are there any residual files that I need to go and remove or modify? - How to proceed. There are several open source, free, freemium products out there. They are starting to shake them off. It really is a problem for me, the TV client should continue to work as before, at least for Linux. This is a really bad policy - I'll be looking for an alternative to TeamViewer because I can't risk losing connection in the future. I guess your family member might have OS X 10.9 (OS versions). You should fire whoever made this decision and bring back the good old Teamviewer company that made you great in the first place. If you have a perpetual license for an older version, please make sure that you are using your license for these connections and if you still have problems, please contact our support team. I´ve tried 2 different Macbook Airs and also my boyfriends windows-computer but I get the same error message on all 3 computers. Now why is that? Any ideas? Teamviewer needs to enable backwards compatibility... Updating my TV to the latest version did not help. Now you've gone to **bleep**. Clearly, somebody does not know what to do. You need to find a install  package with that version suitable for your linux environment.Because of this is an early version of teamviewer 14 not using qt 5, it should run smoothly on your linux. Funny part was I could access other machines running latest version of TV but no machine could access the Debian box. They have changed the limitations on the Free Version, they do not let free users to connect to computers with older versions, if you do not have a license you can only can connect to a computer that has the last version. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I'm not that tech guy to explain everything, but it's mostly upon qt 5 , that was introduced with teamviewer 14. Both of my mac and remote windows 10 computer install the version 14, however it still says out of date when I use my Mac to control the windows 10. Of course, I will not be using or recommending TeamViewer to anybody from now on. Let me know if I can assist you with more information, If my reply answered your question, help out other users and click the Accept as a Solution  button below. I have a paid commerical PERPETUAL license for Teamview 12. All this inapp purchases, subscritption.... everywhere. It is not possible to connect to a computer with my own version of Teamviewer, the reason is not known if you connect without a key. I use the same TV app to provide friends quick support as I do for work PC's. (Same version) . I cannot update the Client!!! Lifetime licenses are no longer lifetime licenses, despite promises of just that. What has Teamviewer done to disable connections to older versions? Either that, or their programming team is not very good at programming. If my reply answered your question, help out other users and click the Accept as a Solution button below.


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