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About Lapovo

Municipality of Lapovo is located in the central part of Republic of Serbia and in north-western part of Sumadija district which it belongs to and it extends to 5.522 acres. The first written record of Lapovo dates from 12th century, although the ones that originate after the Battle of Kosovo are more reliable , where the village is mentioned as Hlapova plain.
The Charter of Princess Milica from 1395 mentiones landed property of Duke Mihajlo in Hlapova plain, Lapovo today, on the basis of which we can conclude that Lapovo is a village which has a medieval origin. After the liberation from the Turks, a rapid development of Lapovo began , primarily thanks to its favourable geostrategic position. In 1896 Lapovo was declared for the town by decree of King Aleksandar Obrenovic.

Municipality of Lapovo has extremely good geostrategic position. It is located at Corridor 10, at the intersection of highway Belgrade-Nis. Lapovo also represents one of the most important railway hubs, on the railway line Belgrade-Nis-Athens. Because of its exceptional geographical position, Lapovo is currently in a phase of dynamic economical development, which is accompanied by the appearance of a large number of national and foreign investors.

One of the first Greenfield investments in Lapovo is “Kronospan Srb”, an Austrian company of board materials. According to estimates of the Agency for Foreign Investments (SIEPA), it is one of the largest direct investments in  2009, not only by the value of the investment, but also by the number of new job positions. A modern communal sanitary landfill “Vrbak” which was built according to the most modern ecological standards was opened in Lapovo. The investment itself was intrusted to the Group ASA which is headquartered in Czech Republic. Form a Ideale, Wacker Neuson Kramer, Hodlemayer, Logist Centre, Tir base DW Oil, Eling, International fine arts and sports camp (ECPD and OUN), Rehabilitation centre with geothermal mineral water (Humanitarian organization from France) also expressed their intention to invest in the Municipality of Lapovo.

The basis for the formation of industrial zones and for attracting foreign investors was created by adopting the Master Plan “Lapovo 2020”. Economy in Lapovo consists of the construction company GIK “1. maj” which is in the process of revitalization after the privatization of this enterprise and also 44 enterprises and 245 private entrepreneurs according to statistical data of APR.
The backbone of the economy is small and medium enterprises among which are: KOLOR PRES, EKO GRAFO DUGA, SOMIL, D&N SANI, ALFA, FIT STEP, as well as many others who employ a large number of workers from the territory of Lapovo. In 2006 businessmen from Lapovo founded “The Association of Private Entrepreneurs”. Better contact among the Municipality of Lapovo, businessmen from the territory of the municipality and potential national and foreign investors is expected through establishing an Office for local economic development in Lapovo. The Municipality of Lapovo is a member of the National alliance for local economic development and it is in the process of certification of municipalities.

Through this certification the Municipality of Lapovo would become the ninth municipality town in Serbia with a favourable business environment. This would open the way for Lapovo to European accession funds and to the development of the municipality itself. It is important to mention that Lapovo is also a unique open air museum. In Lapovo a good portion of the population lived and still lives by working on the railway. Combining tradition and the present, the decision of the Municipal Assembly of Lapovo declared Lapovo as “Town-railway museum”. Every year on the 14th October International Exhibition of Artists is held in Lapovo.

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